3D Scanning to digital files or physical creation
Reverse Engineering and CAD services
Prototyping and mass production runs available
In-house capabilities to ensure quality and quick turnaround

Plasmatio. Who are we? The name comes from the Latin term (PLAS-MA-TI-O) for forming, molding, creating. That is the best way to describe us. We love to create, build things, make replacement parts to salvage something from the garbage heap, or tinker with just about anything.

There are plenty of places to get mass-produced "cogs" or "widgets", but we know that many people are like us and share our passion for creation. That is where we come in and hope to be your go-to place for those items that you "wish someone made".

We understand that many times someone may know "what" they want but may not either have the technical ability to design it or the equipment to physically create it.

We would almost always rather repair or improve what we have than to simply throw it away and buy a new product.

We offer both an existing, constantly increasing catalog of a variety of items and custom services to bring new products to existence. We are able to create objects from either an existing design (computer modeled or hand sketched) and can even help in the designing of it.

We can convert old paper systems to a manageable CAD system or simply convert individual drawings.

We can 3D scan items into a 2D/3D CAD print or produce the part for you from it.

We are capable of making quick turnaround prototypes or end use products because all design, fabrication, and shipping is done in-house here in the US.

*Decades of industry experience in fabrication, manufacturing, and computer design

*In-house CAD/CAM workstations

*In-house production FDM and SLA 3D printers

*In-house 3D printer capable of Continuous Fiber Composite materials (Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, or Fiberglass) that print parts with the strength of Aluminum.

*In-house industrial 3D scanning setup

*In-house CNC machines

*In-house MIG and TIG welding

If the last few years have taught us anything, it is that we must be
able to adapt to unforeseen changes at every level of our lives. We must
be able to think out of the box, be prudent with our money and
resources, and be more self-sufficient whenever possible.

Here at Plasmatio, we understand this and believe that this is our
advantage. We are not a large, rigid corporate structure with a business
model that is already outdated or only caters to large customer bases.
We are a small but capable group of "tinkerers" and gearheads with
varied industrial backgrounds that are not content unless we are working
on designing new projects or improving existing ones. That is why the
name Plasmatio. It literally means to make or create. Simply put, that
is what we do. And we enjoy it.

We want to be able to allow our expertise and our machine capability
to provide you with items to make your life better. We understand that
it is not feasible for most people to buy expensive CNC machines,
high-end 3D printers, or 3D scanners, to make their ideas come to life.
We have low overhead and will never gouge anyone on pricing. We want to
make a fair price for whatever service that we provide for you and most
importantly, we want you to be thrilled with your service or product. We
know that if you are, more work will come in to us through referrals
and simple "karma".

So please give us a chance to be your go-to place for whatever custom
items you want. And please share us with anyone that you think could
benefit from what we can offer. Thank you.