94-99 Neon Strut Tower Brace on a Mopar K-Car

We found many years ago that first-generation Neon Strut Tower Braces are a great fit for the Dodge Daytona and similar vehicles. With the popularity of those Neon's, aftermarket parts for them are very affordable. The early K-based cars on the other hand, are sorely lacking in aftermarket support. So with a few minutes with a hand drill, take advantage of all of STB options for the Neon. The length and size of the brace are perfect for the Daytona. One hole on each side even lines up. But the other two holes on each are in different places (although on the same bolt circle). Simple solution: drill the other two holes. If one is careful, one could drill these by sight. But below is a drawing to properly lay out the brace for drilling.

This following picture shows a Neon STB on our Daytona: